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Baltimore Attorney Fights to Protect Clients in Civil and Criminal Cases

Maryland advocate provides expert advice to individuals and businesses facing legal challenges

At the Law Offices of John L. Friedman, in Baltimore, Maryland, I believe that everyone is entitled to equal treatment under the law. After more than 30 years of practice, my passion for helping clients  remains strong as I work toward the best outcomes in each case. I am well-known for my dedication to offering quality representation to individuals and businesses throughout Baltimore and Baltimore County, whether I am litigating on behalf of organizations considering options to lawfully collect debt, seeking damages for personal injury or defending against traffic violations or criminal charges.

Dedicated law firm utilizes an intelligent and resourceful approach

My decades of legal experience enable me to use both tried-and-true methods and creative strategies. I help clients to the best of my ability by:

  • Understanding the specifics of each case to determine best approach — I am highly knowledgeable about the applicable laws, the local courts, and the possible outcomes of the types of cases I take on.
  • Creating and implementing a thorough strategy — I work one-on-one with my clients to prepare their cases. I am prepared to litigate aggressively, even against tough opposition.
  • Offering cost-effective representation — To make it possible for all clients to have their rights protected during civil litigation and criminal defense cases, I offer reasonable billing rates and never compromise the quality of my representation.

Although prior success is no guarantee of a similar outcome in future cases, my track record of obtaining successful decisions is a source of comfort for many of my clients facing challenging circumstances.

Capable litigation for many types of cases

My primary goal is always to make sure my clients get fair representation throughout their legal matters, regardless of the charge or circumstances. I focus my practice on these areas of law:

I bring my deep concern for my clients’ rights to all of my cases, along with my legal acumen, my resourcefulness and my perseverance.

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